BPA, PVC, & Phthalate Free

Baby comes first in our Baby Blends. We only use the safest Food Grade silicone.

Baby Blends ® Bottle Whisk is an In-bottle silicone whisk made to help break clumps without breaking your routine! Simply put a Blend in your bottle when you prepare your bottle and shake as usual! The blend does all the work! No More fishing for clumps!

Simple Design for Easier Feeding

Baby Blends are dishwasher safe, designed to be washed quickly. Our egg shape design fits most bottles. We are here to make parenthood easier!

A simple design to make bottle feeding easier. Baby blends are a simple yet effective way to ensure smooth bottles--eliminating clumps and time spent fishing out those pesky chunks.

Key Features


Leave your Baby Blend in the bottle during feeding! No need to take it out! Save time in your formula routine!

Food Grade, BPA free & Ethically made. Our team handles each Baby Blend with love to ensure amazing quality. We understand your baby comes first so we use only the best Food Grade, BPA & PVC-free silicone.

What Parents Are Saying

Baby Blends helped tremendously!!! No clumps, easy shaking meant less bubbles, very portable and easy to use!!


                         - Deborah C.


Don't break your routine. Using Baby Blends is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply put the blend in the bottle of your choice, make your little one's bottle as usual, and shake! No more fishing for clumps or clumps getting stuck in the nipple.